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Warning: The Strategies Revealed Are Unconventional - BUT THEY ARE EXPLOSIVE!

“Take Advantage Of The Explosive Secret List Profit Tactics Of The Internets Top Earning Marketers And Rake In More Money Than You EVER Thought Possible!

Dear Fellow Marketer,

People have been saying this since the early days of offline direct marketing, the money is in the list. What you might not have heard is how simple it is to build laser focus list that are jam packed with responsive buyers who are what we like to call hyper active create email campaign.

You wont find any real secrets to list building by being spoon fed by the gurus. They tend to gloss over and generalize thing. They are happy to tell you what to do, but you very rarely learn exactly HOW to do it. If you are one of the countless others who have always wanted to know the insider secrets to building highly profitable mailing lists, youve probably come up short time and time again.

Contrary to what you may think, building a mailing list just isnt that hard, in fact, with a solid blueprint in your hands and a step by step strategy in place, you could have a list of thousands in under a week. email super affiliate

Having this capability is very very Powerful. Imagine just how much time and money you would save if you had a built-in customer base that you could contact any time you wanted to. What would that do for your business and overall income? email marketing big dogs

I Made $2,412.63 in less than 24hrs Leveraging the Power of The Explosive List Profits System!

How would $2,000 a day change your financial situation. What if you just did $2,000 a week? Would that cover some of your bills? how to explode your list.

As far as your business is concerned, you would never have to worry about spending big bucks on Pay Per Click marketing. You would be able to put a end to wasted hours sending out manual advertisements. And Forget about paying just to feature your ad in someone elses newsletter. By becoming an explosive list builder you will instantly level the playing field and compete, head on, with the Internet Marketing Big Boys.

“Unleash An Massive Explosion Of Lump Sums of Cash
And Server Crushing Traffic With A Massive
Lists Of Hungry Buyers!

Start Making Money INSTANTLY With Laser Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns That Can Be Set Up In Less Than 48 Hours!
Forget everything you believe you know about list building.

What you are about to learn today will transform the way you do business online, and if you follow along closely, you will be able to make a full time income in less than half the time, with literally NO up front investment required.

Ive based my entire marketing around my lists. I knew, early on, that the cheapest and most effective way to dig deep into profitable niche markets wasnt in paid advertising or forking over hundreds of dollars in sponsored listing, forum marketing, or PPC. I knew that I needed a mailing list, and I knew that there was no way I was going to pay to grow it..

So, I took a grass routes approach. I set up squeeze pages and landing pages that

converted like crazy, and as I consistently tweaked my email marketing campaigns, my lists were flooded with hungry buyers and subscribers who were eager to receive my emails and broadcasts.

I then spent hours studying the email marketing giants, replicating their systems, dissecting their strategies until all I was left with was a fine tuned list building machine that I could rinse and repeat, over and over again for every single profitable market I ventured into.

And in just a few minutes from now, you can have a fully licensed copy of my Explosive List Profits guide right on your computer screen, ready to guide you through the initial stages straight through until you have a razor sharp email campaign pumping in cash every single day, all on complete auto pilot!

Buy First Let me make sure we are clear on one thing...

• This course Is NOT about Networking, MLMs, downlines, or any of that crap.
• Its NOT about Spamming
• Its NOT about paying hundreds of dollars to rent list.
• Its NOT about chasing after joint venture partners or resellers.

Its more powerful and explosive than anything youve ever seen before.
In fact, just about everyone weve ever shared it with are raving about how ethical, easy to follow, do-able, and real it is. Heres what a couple of them said...

In Less Than 15 Minutes From Now You Will Know..

How to build incredibly profitable landing and squeeze pages! These will convert like crazy, flooding your bank account with unlimited payments every single day.

How to set up AUTOMATED email marketing cash machines! If you want to make the most money possible, you NEED to learn how to create an automated system!

How to build the perfect email campaign! I will show you how to fill your autoresponder with highly targeted subscribers who want to buy what youre offering!

Regardless of your market, your niche, your industry - you NEED a list! Those who have them are able to instantly maximize their online income while those who dont, are forced to manually market every product they create which is extremely time consuming and costly.

Worse, there is no way possible that those people will EVER cover as much ground as those with targeted mailing lists can with just a single click!

Its insane just how much money you can make with laser targeted mailing lists, and with your copy of Explosive List Profits, you will know exactly what you need to do so that you are able to instantly flood your brand new autoresponder account with fresh, targeted leads!

How much would it cost you to build a list of 1,000
subscribers using only PPC?

Do the math.

If you were to run a list building campaign that had a landing page that converted at 2%, you would need to drive 50,000 clicks/visitors to your site!

At a very low rate of $0.10 a click, this campaign would have cost you $5,000!

That comes out to COSTING YOU $5 PER NAME you add to your list!

You dont have to pay thousands just to build a list in the thousands! You simple need to know that tactics that the Marketing Gurus have held close to them that allow them to build list in the tens of thousands at hardly no cost at all!

Here is just a little of what you will discover within the pages of this comprehensive guide..

Discover how to set up highly targeted EXPLOSIVE email campaigns and blast a surge of traffic to any new website you create! Never pay for traffic to your site again with these surefire tips.

Learn the secrets to creating outstanding, well structured email marketing campaigns - like the pros! Spend only a few minutes tweaking your campaign and you can set it all on complete auto pilot instantly!

Find out how you can triple your online profits with killer tactics designed to target the hungriest buyers in your niche! Generate extra cash instantly with repeat sales and special offers that will maximize subscriber retention!

Critical elements that you NEED to implement into every email campaign you ever create! Failing to include these features will eliminate any chance of success.

Discover the most profitable email marketing tactics that will generate cash instantly, even if you have a small list! These are incredibly easy strategies that will produce results every time!

Insider strategies to building rock solid relationships with your subscriber base, so that they are responsive to your broadcasts and consistently active! If you want to make the most money possible with email marketing you NEED to follow this action plan!

Here’s the deal: I’ve really gone to the wall for you

Here’s the deal: I’ve really gone to the wall for you here, against everyone else’s
advice. (My accountants think I’ve gone bonkers, and my partners are not speaking
with me anymore.) But, you see… this explosive list profits secret just isn’t for everyone.

It may not be for you – its fairly advanced, and like I said, it runs completely against all the traditional marketing “advice” you’ve been given your favourite guru.

Yes, it’s simple to learn and put into use. Yes, the results you see will be dramatic and immediate. But no, it’s not something you’ve ever seen before.
Therefore, I feel I must make this deal as easy to swallow as possible,,, or I’ll never get normal marketers like you to try it. (And believe me, it will change your marketing strategy forever once you see what the fuss is about!)

So I’ve created the best deal I can think of:

1. Order Explosive list profits course below. You will receive an instant download when you payment is completed.

2. You can use your credit card, or you can go through Paypal.

Its Time To Take Action And Follow A Proven Strategy To Instant Success...

But first, a bit of bad news. If you would like your own personal copy of the Explosive List Profits
so you too are privy to the profit-producing information in the course... you may just be out of luck.

You see, at this point in time, it’s my intention to only offer a tiny, limited supply
of the Explosive List Profits Course™ for “public consumption”. At the moment, My partners and I have decided on only 500 units, and once they’ve been snatched up – like I’m certain they will be
very soon after this message goes “live” – that’s it. The “curtain falls” and you’ll probably
never get another bit at the cherry!

... Why would we limit it to 500 total?

Call us crazy, but we dont want too many people out there using this system.
Were underachievers, and were happy doing what were doing. Plus, we dont want a lot
of competition, either, by flooding the market with ideas we can use.

Not only that, but the more people we teach, the more likelihood other niches will also
get deluded like the Internet marketing crowd (which by the way now has 28,000,000
search results in Google!).

You seriously want to try and make money with 28 MILLION other sites all
competing for the same thing?

I would hope you are not that masochistic!

So, yes, we ARE limiting production of this to 500 only. No begging, pleading or
cajoling would convince us to produce more. Once they are gone -- thats it.

You will have to act quick for sure.
You know as well as I do -- this is going out to hundreds of thousands of people right
now. We have priced it at a very reasonable rate so that almost anyone gets a fair share
chance at owning the course.
P.S. Due to the outrageous raising Google PPC cost and the New Google Slap, I expect an avalanche of response to this letter. Remember, this is a unique opportunity, where you will be taught my explosive list marketing strategies that have turned ordinary people into list marketing pros with list in the thousands. Click here to order now so you dont miss out!

P.P.S. Heres a bold statement: we virtually guarantee your success because you are being given the exact step by step list building strategies that we use. This is time-sensitive, so get it now. Do not wait. When the price goes backup this page will not exist, you would need to sign up for our waiting list or perhaps apply for our personal coaching which is NOT CHEAP.

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